PROMON Wireless Remote Control

High Speed Image Streaming Camera

For applications where high speed streaming under harsh environments is required, AOS now provides a wireless remote streaming controller.

The fanless IP65 rated controller houses a high performance CPU and a SSD drive to store the streaming data. A PROMON 501 camera is connected to the controller via a single cable. The wireless remote streaming controller is accessed via WLAN connection from your Android tablet or iPad. The tablet has full control over the camera and can setup the recording. Sequences can be downloaded from the controller to an external hard drive via USB 3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet.

Key features

  • Ideal where cable access is limited
  • IP67 rated controller
  • Compact, fanless operation
  • additional plugs for lights
  • 24V tolerant trigger input


  • High capacity hard disk (80 mins of recording)
  • Cable lenght up to 10m (30feet)
  • Solid transport case
  • Accessory kit with suitable miniature LED illumination
  • Motion analysis software with automatic tracking features


  • Control via keyboard monitor or wireless tablet operation 
  • 40 minutes recording capacity
  • Can be used with both the PROMON 501 and PROMON 502 cameras

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