High Speed Camera

C-VIT – the rugged, ultra-compact high speed camera Hi-G-rated for 150+ G and spikes of up to 250G., ready to be used in the most severe environments. A robust high resolution camera for demanding applications in research and development.

Key features

  • Full-HD Format @ up to 1000fps
  • up to 20'000 fps with reduced resolution
  • Super-compact, fits into tight spaces
  • Re-chargeable battery built in for true mobile applications and data backup
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Auto Exposure control
  • High-G rated and tested by independent test lab


  • WiFi connectivity
  • CFast storage in camera
  • IRIG-B synchronization
  • Extended temperature range from -55° to + 50°C



The C-VIT is particularly suited for all applications where a compact and portable yet robust camera is essential:

Automotive safety testing – on-board full size crash vehicle or sled body structures where the camera is fitted into tight areas like door panels or the pedal area
Industrial or military applications with Hi-G shocks and limited space is available– like excenter presses and similar devices or explosion research


Unique features and benefits

Superior HD+ image quality – C-VIT built-in on-the-fly image processing provides crisp clear images.
Ultra-compact and all in one – C-VIT is an ultra-compact camera ready to shoot in rugged environments.
WLAN – C-VIT is available with WLAN connectivity.
Extensions – Extensions such as CFast Flash Disk, microSD, or HDMI output on camera are available.


Frame rate vs resolution vs recording time (partial)

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