15 years Anniversary

High Speed Camera

15 years with the right spin – AOS Technologies AG

20 years ago, AOS was founded as a one-man LLC company providing service for high speed camera companies. In 2002 AOS LLC has taken over a license form Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and teamed up with HT-Holding as an investor for hardware production design and manufacturing. The outcome was AOS Technologies AG (Incorporated) and the world’s first battery operated high speed cameras, the VITcam and the MOTIONeer.

Over the course of time AOS Technologies developed new and innovative camera systems for various markets and applications. 

In order to share our success with our customers AOS Technologies and MC-S are offering the following “15 Year Special Sale for Q-PRI and S-MOTION Cameras”, therefore please contact us and ask for the special deal today!

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