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  • PROMON U1000 color / monochrome camera
  • Resolution 1984 x 1264 pixel with 150 frames/sec (512 x 512 pixel @ 1'000 frames/sec  )
  • Additional / extended cabling
  • External trigger switch 
  • Wide variety of add-on accessories 

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  • 170fps @ 2048x1088
  • 180fps @ 1280 x 1024
  • 600fps @ 800 x 600
  • 750fps @ 640 x 480 
  • To be set up on customers existing PC
  • 3 camera models to choose from in mono, color and near infrared
  • simple, fast installation - no time-consuming fiddling

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PROMON 501 High Speed Streaming Camera

  • 85fps @ 2048x1088
  • 565fps @ 640x480
  • up to 2620fps @ 320x128  
  • To be set up on customers existing PC
  • up to 2620fps resp. up to 2MPixel image resolution (depending on camera module)
  • 3 camera models to choose from in mono, color and near infrared
  • simple, fast installation - no time-consuming fiddling

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  • X-EMA camera finished evaluation tests inside fighter aircrafts
  • Flight tests were performed up to 35’000 feet
  • X-EMA mounted outside aircraft without climatic protection

The X-EMA camera underwent an extensive evaluation period with a world renowned military aircraft manufacturer. The camera was mounted in several positions including in the aircraft body and under the wings exposed to the natural environment.

The camera was set for multiple sequence recording and with each flight 2-4 sequences have been taken. After the last recording was finished the download to the built in CF card (4 GB) started automatically while the aircraft returned to the base. On arrival of the aircraft the data was already stored in the Compact Flash card. The ground staff connected the Giga Ethernet link to the cameras after arrival and streamed the data to disk. For data security the CF card was removed and stored until the data was transferred to the central archive.

Customer Benefit

  • Multi sequence recording, 2-4 sequences with each flight
  • Automatic download to built-in CF card
  • Dual storage in camera’s internal memory and CF card
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Small size, only 71 x 71 x 138 mm
  • Fast operational procedure with minimum disturbance of test process

We welcome any inputs on projects so we can assist in outlining the best system layout for a specific application. Of course we can always arrange demos on request.

  • Turn-key project realized by AOS Technologies
  • AOS X-MOTION cameras
  • Gigabit Ethernet data interface
  • Compact, low weight
  • Remote controlled lenses
  • Remote operation of cameras
  • Frame synchronisation

AOS Technologies is well known to provide engineering for special turn-key projects. Recently an application with multiple X-MOTION cameras was realized. The purpose was to get a top view at the car to car crash lab. There are three sub-systems, each containing three cameras, a remote controlled lens per camera and one control unit. Every camera is fully remote controllable, feeding back “Armed” and “Triggered” signals and receiving “Remote-Switch-On”, “Set-To-Record” and “Trigger” signals. Image data is transferred by Gigabit Ethernet switches embedded in these three control units. The lenses allow adjusting zoom, focus and aperture remotely from the control room, which is 100 meters away from central camera sub-system. All cameras run in frame synchronisation mode.

Customer Benefit

  • Fail safe system with battery backed up image memory in camera assures data safety
  • Reduced time and costs per test due to central control of cameras, lenses and data acquisition
  • System layout with focus on economical operation
  • Simplified maintenance by use of standard components
  • AOS delivers turn-key system that clearly meets customer targets and expectations


Bottling lines are running at 30,000 bottles per hour or faster. Deviations or failures are not visible with the human eye, nor can they be recorded with conventional cameras. Without seeing the cause of a malfunction, appropriate corrective action can not be taken.

Critical process stages as well as single components - in this case bottles, caps, labels and cardboard packages - and in the process line itself, are subject to the risk of disturbing the complete process due to small failures and minor discrepancies. Rejects are reaching an unacceptable and costly level.

Process optimization can be difficult; eliminating the cause of malfunctions is pure ‘trial-and-error’. Results are sporadic with shutdowns, increased reject rates, and reduced throughput - cost intensive quality issues.

Suitable high speed camera systems have been used occassionally, but usually such systems have been too expensive, and their operation required special skills.


A PROMON high speed recording system allows the recording of even the fastest events with up to 1,200 frames per second (fps) and the ability to replay in extreme slow motion. This allows a reliable recording and visualization of high-speed details such as damaged parts, parts outside the specifications or sporadic events which otherwise would not be seen by the human eye or conventional cameras. Analysis of the video sequence makes the formerly invisible visible, and corrective actions can be specified and implemented in short order. The effectivness of these activities can be measured and documented with the high speed camera system.

Customer benefit

Only optimized, stable manufacturing processes are generating profit. AOS PROMON systems is the appropriate tool for your maintenance staff, to monitor your processes at any time. In case of a malfunction the cause can be located in a short time and corrective actions can be taken quickly


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